Jaxon de Ville leaps paws first into the endzone to score another Jaguar TD as 80,000 Jaguar fans chant "Welcome To The Jungle". GO JAGS!!
GREAT GIFT IDEA! Who would love this as a gift?


Albert the Gator splashes into the endzone to score another UF TD leaving his opponents with no way slowing down his sheer power and talent.
GREAT GIFT IDEA! Who would love this as a gift?


Renegade & Osceola celebrate another FSU TD as their opponents look on in despair and bewilderment. GO NOLES!!
GREAT GIFT IDEA! Who would love this as a gift?


Uga the Bulldog scores another Georgia TD as he powerfully runs over and through his opponents, leaving them weary and worn out. GO DAWGS!!
GREAT GIFT IDEA! Who would love this as a gift?

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We are John & Carol Schaffer from Jacksonville, Florida. We both retired from the Duval County Public School System in 2015 after teaching a combined 39 years. In 2019 I, John, founded 4th & Goal, a specialty football poster company. Prior to founding 4th & Goal, my goal was to create football posters that would have an absolute WOW!! factor at first glance to support the enthusiastic fans team pride. Problem: I can only draw stick figures, and poor ones at that. Solution: a very talented local artist by the name of David Lee. Thus far, along with the illustration talent of Kurtis Loftus, David has created four spectacular football posters that absolutely have a WOW factor at first glance. Each poster is the culmination of creative planning, hand-illustration, and caricature artwork and has been raising eyebrows everywhere we go. The expressions on people’s faces when they see the posters up close tells the story! Fans absolutely love them! They make a wonderful gift!

Currently, 4th & Goal has Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, and Georgia Bulldogs football posters available.